About MineralExpert.org

This website is dedicated especially to mineral photos and pictures of mineral localities. It is under permanent development and any comments or ideas are welcome. All content on the website is free and you can upload your own work or just search or browse the pictures and other items. But please do not copy and/or share pictures without proper credit to authors. Commercial use of pictures is strictly prohibited unless you have written permission from the author.

Brief history of the website

MineralExpert.org was created in Winter, 2014; however its history began in 2003. It first started as a gallery of mineral photos but it was easy to add more users into the system. Everyone coul'd register and share his/her own mineral and locality photos. That is how the Rockhound.cz site was created. Further development brought more features and a more pleasing interface. In 2013 came the final decision to split the Czech and English version of Rockhound.cz, and brand the English version as MineralExpert.org.

How can I support the site?

This site mostly thrives from traffic and there are many ways to help us provide more quality to more people:
1) Share links to articles, mineral photos and locality photos.
2) Like our fan pages at Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
3) Add link to this site on your blog, website or favourite bookmarks.
4) Register and upload your photos of minerals and localities.
5) Write some interesting article; a backlink to you is not a problem.

Why are there those annoying ads?

This website is financed by the owner and maintained on his own time. Please understand that running this site costs money, and the unpaid time spent on this site also has its limits. Ads provide revenue which is used to finance further development and the expenses for domains and hosting. This site is 100 % free for all users and ads are the way we cover the unavoidable costs.