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Beryl - The Colorful Gem

Beryl is extremely popular mineral, which occurs in a diversity of shapes and colors. Popular gemstone varietes include emerald, aquamarine and heliodor. Beryl is the only common source of beryllium, which is used in many hi-tech applications.


Aragonite - The Pearly Carbonate

Aragonite is the less known cousin of calcite. Despite the lack of popularity, aragonite crystals and stalactites are among the most aesthetically-pleasing mineral specimes. Aragonite is present in various hydrothermal environments and it is the principal component of mollusk shells, coral skeletons and pearls.


Hematite - The Bloodstone

Hematite is the abundant form of iron oxide, natural red pigment, and an integral part of the largest iron ore deposits on Earth. Highly aesthetic crystals and shiny botryoidal hematite aggregates are also very popular collector specimens.


Vivianite - The Green Iron

Vivianite is found in many geological environments. Its great blue-green crystals are very rare and very popular among collectors. Also vivianite filled fossil shells are among very interesting and popular collectors items.


Molybdenite - The Greasy Mineral

Molybdenite is the principal ore mineral of molybdenum and rhenium. It occurs widely in igneous and metamorphic rocks generated under high temperature conditions. Despite its lack of popularity and rare crystal forms, it is a very interesting and important industrial mineral.



Čiháň, Czech Republic

30 x 25 mm

Beryl (var. aquamarine), Schorl

Erongo, Namibia

18 x 18 mm

Quartz (var. smoky)

Dolní Bory, Czech Republic

40 x 20 mm

Beryl (var. aquamarine)

Erongo, Namibia

40 x 35 mm

Beryl (var. aquamarine)

Erongo, Namibia

22 x 10 mm


Dobšiná, Slovak Republic

47 x 28 mm