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Siderite - the Curved Rhombs

Siderite is both an iron ore and gangue mineral. Its principal economic value lies in its high iron content and the absence of process contaminants such as sulfur or phosphorous. It is part of a large group of isomorphous minerals, the calcite group carbonates, which share similar physical properties, and rhombohedral crystal form.


Dioptase - the Perfect Green

Dioptase is a secondary copper silicate, occurring naturally as an oxidation product of hydrothermal copper deposits. It is renowned as a spectacularly colorful rival to emerald, but is too soft and too fragile to be cut as a gemstone, mainly because of its perfect cleavage.


History of Klondike and Nome Gold Rush Events

The Klondike (Yukon) Gold Rush holds the record as one of the shortest-lived mining booms ever, lasting a scant 2 years, from August 1896 to September, 1898, when it was undermined by the slightly longer-lived Nome (Alaska) Gold Rush (September 1898 to 1905).


Beryl - The Colorful Gem

Beryl is extremely popular mineral, which occurs in a diversity of shapes and colors. Popular gemstone varietes include emerald, aquamarine and heliodor. Beryl is the only common source of beryllium, which is used in many hi-tech applications.


Aragonite - The Pearly Carbonate

Aragonite is the less known cousin of calcite. Despite the lack of popularity, aragonite crystals and stalactites are among the most aesthetically-pleasing mineral specimes. Aragonite is present in various hydrothermal environments and it is the principal component of mollusk shells, coral skeletons and pearls.



Vykmanov u Perštejna, Czech Republic

48 x 36 mm


Vykmanov u Perštejna, Czech Republic

32 x 24 mm

Vykmanov u Perštejna, Czech Republic

50 x 38 mm


revír Michalovy Hory, Czech Republic

20 x 15 mm

Quartz (var. amethyst), quartz (var. agate)

Přísečnice, Czech Republic

75 x 60 mm

Quartz (var. amethyst)

Horní Halže, Czech Republic

80 x 40 mm