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Celestine - The Sky-Blue Mineral

Celestine (aka celestite) owes its name to its delicate blue (celestial) color. Although not a well-known mineral name, celestine has a certain cachet because the strontium it contains is famous for the brilliant red flashes it produces when used in fireworks.


Cerussite - The White Paint Scourge

Cerussite is a popular mineral specimen because of its nice crystals, bizzare complex twins and bright yellow fluorescence. It is a characteristic oxidation product of the most common lead sulfide, galena.


Chrysocolla - The Bright Blue-Green Copper Silicate

Chrysocolla is a bright colored hydrated copper sheet silicate and a minor ore of copper, usually appearing as secondary encrustations on primary copper ores. It is among the brightest of blue and blue-green minerals, accounting for its desirability.


Prehnite - The Epimorph Champion

Prehnite is a common calcium silicate, which can form outstanding crystalline aggregates. Its nice crystal forms and pleasing colors make it a very popular among collectors. Prehnite is also used by jewelers and it is an important metamorphic index mineral.


Cassiterite - the tin ore mineral overview

Cassiterite constitutes the chief ore of tin, as well as highly aesthetic and popular collector specimen. Tin was a foundation of the beginning of metal smelting in the early Bronze Age and still constitutes one of the core materials of modern technology.



Všechlapy, Czech Republic

40 x 35 mm

Olivine, Pyroxene Group

Hamadah al Hamra, Libya

6 x 5 mm

LL5 chondrite

Chelyabinsk, Russia

29 x 19 mm

Opal (var. Ni-opal)

Křemže, Czech Republic

145 x 85 mm


Hončova hůrka, Czech Republic

46 x 43 mm

Quartz (var. rock crystal)

Verniřovice, Mísečky - sever, Czech Republic

40 x 74 mm