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Wavellite - The Colorful Spheres

Wavellite normally occurs as a secondary product in the near-surface environment in phosphate-bearing rock. Specimens can be spectacularly beautiful as radiating starburst or spherical clusters. Wavellite spheres - and especially the colored varieties - are very popular among mineral collectors.


Fossheim Steinsenter Museum - Lom, Norway

The small town of Lom is located in southern part of Norway, just next to the famous Jotunheimen National Park. A very interesting mineral museum Fossheim Steinsenter is located at the western end of the town.


Anhydrite - the Dry Gypsum

Anhydrite is a common mineral, widely found in desert environments. It is also found on the tops of salt domes piercing the younger sediments in oil-rich compressional mountain belts and in evaporite deposits.


The Australian Gold Rush

The story of the settlement of Australia is the story of a remote penal colony unexpectedly turning into a cauldron of repeated mass migrations driven by the discovery of rich gold deposits. The gold discoveries were simply unbelievable, including the biggest nugget ever found!


Scheelite - The Fluorescent Tungsten Ore

Scheelite is an important ore of tungsten and exotic faceting material. Great scheelite specimens are also highly appreciated among mineral collectors.

Beryl (var. aquamarine)

Erongo, Namibia

40 x 50 mm

Beryl (var. aquamarine)

Erongo, Namibia

160 x 70 mm

Phenakite, quartz

Erongo, Namibia

32 x 31 mm


Erongo, Namibia

20 x 20 mm

Quartz (var. smoky)

Strážek, Czech Republic

30 x 25 mm

Fluorite, baryte

Dřínová, Czech Republic

30 x 20 mm